Boost Productivity.

Boost Productivity

Be on top
of your game.

Be on top of your game.

Monitor and
take control
of your Business.

  Monitor and  take control of your Business.

Connect, Anywhere...

Connect Anywhere...

Revolutionize your Business

What is SD-WAN ?

Our Focus


Manage your business and scale up your productivity with our solutions suitable for SMEs. Teleweb offers one of the most advanced solutions to manage and give you access to your business.

As a business owner, take full control over your business on-the-go and remotely, monitor your teams targets, your sales achievements and reach the next level of performance...
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How can financial services organisations differentiate their offerings, improve productivity and grow in the face of fierce competition and other challenges?

Under the pressure of newer technology advancements, your financial institution must deliberately enhance its competitiveness digitally...
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Your industry is all about providing a service to others – so being able to showcase products, communicate in real time with customers and being available around the clock is integral to your success.

Being offline isn’t an option; that’s why we take the time to understand your current infrastructure, your business model and challenges to develop an IT service that you can depend on...
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The SD-WAN technology in office in a box ensures 24/7 redundant, hassle-free connectivity with access to multiple networks, enabling continuous access and availability to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), facilitation and monitoring of real-time medical treatments in remote stations and the efficient executions of network dependent operations...
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Estate security is guaranteed with 24/7 surveillance (with or without electricity), smooth communication links between residents and the security post are established by deploying Office in a box.

A redundant network connectivity with the option to choose over multiple networks ensures that residents are always connected to the internet...
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Retail Outlets

Spectra Managed SD-WAN helps simplify your WAN environment by establishing a unified overlay plane across disparate networks. We provide a centrally-hosted solution for management which enables your IT staff to remotely program edge devices and make changes in network policies centrally, in real time...
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