Internet of Things

What is IoT ?

In an age of hyper-connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the basis for a booming sector in which countless innovators provide software and hardware for everything from intelligent homes and cars to medical devices and manufacturing.

By 2025, forecasters predict, the IoT industry will hit between $1 trillion and $3 trillion in revenue due to a shift from mere connectivity to IoT-powered applications, platforms and services.

Are your products IoT ready?

Discover how IoT Ready can increase your sales, create a new revenue channel, attract new customers, position your company as an innovator in your market, and more ...

About IoT Ready

The value proposition of IoT Ready - powered by Domatica, has as its basic principle developing new business channels, generating value for its partners and customers, and perception of innovation and new profitability formats with its long experience in IoT products and services.

Benefits of Being IoT Ready

Positioning as an innovative company

Development of a new revenue channel

Product / Service innovation - IoT ready

New services upsell for current customer base

Attracting new customers

Short Time-to-Market

Economy of means and processes

Be IoT Ready.

The internet of things (IoT) has advanced well beyond science fiction status – steadily infiltrating factories, homes and businesses all over the world.

Smart home technology is already making its mark, but smart cities and smart businesses are also on the rise. It's obvious why technology giants across the world have doubled down on developing IoT technology.

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